Bushcraft Spain

The Oxford English Language Dictionary defines Bushcraft as a series of skills pertaining to life in the forest. This definition seems too aseptic and square. At Bushcraft Spain we want to rescue the romanticism of classic camping and expeditions of yesteryear, in which man sharpened his wits and put himself to the test, obtaining the satisfaction of a job well done and the appreciation of the effort and resources of the environment. If our grandparents could live in comfort respecting the natural environment, we owe to ourselves to keep the flame of pioneering alive.

Bushcraft Spain designs, cuts and manufactures all their products artisanally in Spain, putting special emphasis on quality. Bushcraft Spain wants you to enjoy the feel of the true mountain camps of yore with unique and handmade products that will last a lifetime. Every product is field tested to see if it meets Bushcraft Spain's quality standards. Rest assured that Bushcraft Spain strives to bring you the best range of products for both the beginner and the experienced. From bushcrafters to bushcrafters.