Mil/Le discount

We offer a -10% discount for Finnish Mil / LE professionals: Police, Customs, Border Guards, The Finnish Defence Forces personnel, Rescue Service, Private Security Guards, Crisis Management Veterans, Peacekeepers, Prison Service personnel, etc.

Did you already have a customer account with us? If not, please sign in here -

And after that: a message from the official email address of the company or a picture of the official ID card and email to - subject of the message, please use "Mil / LE discount" and include the email address which you used when creating the account, so we see instantly what it is about.

We will then register you with a discount group and -10% prices will apply whenever you are logged in to our store. We'll email you when / if 10% is active. If you have any concerns, feel free to ask for more -- please note we offer this discount for only Finnish personnel working in Finland.