Mil/Le discount

We offer a -10% discount for Finnish Mil / LE professionals: Police, Customs, Border Guards, The Finnish Defence Forces personnel, Rescue Service, Private Security Guards, Crisis Management Veterans, Peacekeepers, Prison Service personnel, etc.

Did you already have a customer account with us? If not, please sign in here -

And after that: a message from the official email address of the company or a picture of the official ID card and email to - choose a good title for the message and include the email address which you used when creating the account, so we see instantly what it is about.

We will then register you with a discount group and -10% prices will apply whenever you are logged in to our store. We'll email you when / if 10% is active. If you have any concerns, feel free to ask for more -- please note we offer this discount for only Finnish personnel working in Finland.