Cam Brensinger incorporated NEMO Equipment, Inc on April 24, 2002, with the intention of bringing high-level design and engineering to the outdoor industry. Much of the first year was spent learning how to sew and pattern and developing NEMO's AirSupported Technology®. Tents were chosen as NEMO's first product line because Cam saw the opportunity to bring significant new innovation to the market and knew that successfully revolutionizing tents would give NEMO the credibility to move into new product lines in the future.

In 2006, NEMO began adapting its shelter technology for elite U.S. Special Operations Forces and launched its Shield™ product line. In the years since, many elite Warfighters have depended on NEMO tents, shelters, sleeping gear, weapons bags, and other products to take full advantage of what limited comfort and protection can be found on the battlefield. NEMO is intensely proud to serve the American Warfighter and allied partners, and aims to design, engineer, and manufacture the best equipment solutions possible. NEMO’s AirSupported Technology® (AST®), a system of lightweight inflatable ribs with innovative pump technology, provides a high performance alternative to traditional tent poles. NEMO AST® shelters have remarkable properties that save time, minimize pack size, and provide remarkable strength.

Adventures are a universal experience. The joy of your child’s first hike is as exhilarating as standing atop your final fourteener. NEMO® tents are engineered for the most extreme boundaries of outdoor experience and everything in between. Whether you’re waiting for a weather window with your summit partner or peeking to see if the kitchen light is still on from the backyard, NEMO tents offer the same balance of livability, longevity, comfort, and finely-tuned performance. "We’ll never sacrifice comfort for weight, skimp on delightful details, or overlook the fact that your first adventure is as memorable as your next one."