Uovision UM785-3G+ Cloud 20MP Full HD Trail Camera

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20MP still resolution Full HD 1080P video Easy to use LinckEazi cloud service Great for property surveillance as well
The new Uovision UM785-3G + Cloud with 20MP resolution is a digital sending and remote trail camera that supports the free LinckEazi cloud service! With the free LinckEazi cloud service, the Uovision UM785-3G + Cloud camera can be controlled remotely from your own computer or with the free LinckEazi APP (Android, iOS) application.

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Comes with Elisa Laitenetti SIM card. You can use it right away if you don't already have a subscription signed. Elisa Laitenetti is a PIN free and more durable SIM card for harsh conditions.

Product info

The new Uovision UM785-3G + Cloud with 20MP resolution is a digital sending and remote trail camera that supports the free LinckEazi cloud service! With the free LinckEazi cloud service, the Uovision UM785-3G + Cloud camera can be controlled remotely from your own computer or with the free LinckEazi APP (Android, iOS) application.

The LinckEazi cloud service enables control of several cameras where images and videos are stored in the cloud service in the user's own account in camera-specific albums. From the albums, you can easily browse the day's events from different cameras and, if necessary, change the camera settings remotely from the LinckEazi cloud service free of charge. You can also instruct the camera to take a picture or video and see them all from your own “central control room” - the LinckEazi cloud. The camera sends high-definition images or videos to the free LinckEazi cloud service and, if necessary, to the user's own e-mail. You can choose from the LinckEazi cloud service yourself, whether you want the material coming from the camera to the cloud service or to your e-mail or both!

LinckEazi WebPortal software APPs can be downloaded from the Google Play (Android phone) or App Store (iOS phone) store with the keyword LinckEazi. With the free WebPortal software APPs, you get a monitored and managed trail camera free of charge, even without a home computer!

With the LinckEazi cloud service, you also save the price of remote text messages compared to a traditional remote-controlled camera. You can use the LinckEazi cloud service on your own computer via a web browser and / or on your own mobile phone via the Web Portal. LinckEazi cloud service is in Finnish. From the LinckEazi cloud service, you can also see the most important information about the camera status, eg battery charge, SD memory card status, cloud service memory status, etc.

Deploying the LinckEazi cloud service is easy. After creating a free user account, you add the camera to the service by entering the device serial number and IMEI code. If the camera has a working internet connection that supports 3G connection (speed at least 21MB / s), the camera will be connected directly to your account. After that, shooting can start right away!

The Uovision UM785-3G + Cloud camera logs on to the operator's network without complicated installations!

The Uovision UM785-3G + Cloud trail camera starts automatically due to human or animal heat movement. It has a passive PIR motion detector that detects a radiant object in front of the camera. The remote-controlled camera is suitable as a game camera for off-road photography of four-legged or winged nature movers. It can be installed as a surveillance camera to monitor two-legged unauthorized guests in a cottage, construction site, home or office, for example. The transmitting game camera always keeps you up to date, wherever you are!

The Uovision UM785-3G + Cloud is the best game camera for the cottage or as a solution with which wireless camera surveillance in the home is possible. The price of a game camera is cheaper than camera surveillance or other permanently installed solutions. The camera surveillance sticker must be remembered when recording videos.

The camera automatically records high-definition still images or video clips and sends them to the LinckEazi cloud service in full size. The camera transmits Full HD and HD videos in 10sec length and WVGA videos in 20sec length. During the day, images and videos are recorded in color, at night in black and white thanks to the infrared flash. The camera is intended for year-round outdoor and indoor use. The original image is always saved on the SD Memory Card in the camera.

Recordings (image or video) are sent by the camera to the LinckEazi cloud service using a high-speed wireless 3G connection. For transmission, you need to get a SIM card that supports 3G connection from the operator. The connection speed must be at least 21MB / sec. The camera supports frequencies: WCDMA, 900 / 2100MHz, GSM / GPRS / EDGE 850/900/1800/1900 MHz.

The menu menu of the easy-to-use Uovision UM785-3G + Cloud Trail camera is in Finnish and Swedish. Addition of 8 other EU languages ??(Danish, Norwegian, English, German, French, Italian, Hungarian, Czech). Easy-to-understand picture icons help you progress through a clear menu. The camera comes with clear operating instructions in Finnish, which allow you to adjust the camera's various settings to your liking.

Versatile settings can be changed remotely at any time using the LinckEazi cloud service. The LinckEazi cloud service allows you to set the correct time zone for the camera as well as subscribe to useful automatic alerts such as a temperature alarm or low battery alarm. You can easily send the camera because all the SSL-secured transmission settings of the most common operators are pre-programmed into the camera's intelligence! All you have to do is insert the SIM card into the camera. When the camera logs on to the network, it automatically retrieves the date and time from the network.

The Uovision UM785-3G + Cloud is equipped with a sharp 20MP high resolution shooting. Pictures and videos can be viewed on the camera from your 2.4? from the color screen.

Sounds are also recorded on Full HD (1080P) or HD (720P) and WVGA level videos recorded by the camera! Sounds are very useful for surveillance use. The camera sends 1080P Full HD videos as well as 720P HD videos in 5-10 sec lengths and WVGA videos in 5-20 sec lengths to the owner's LinckEazi cloud service. From the LinckEazi cloud service, you can see the material sent by the camera (pictures / videos) so you can view them anytime, anywhere, either on your mobile phone or computer!

Video in mp4 format supports video playback on almost all smartphones, so no separate decoder is required to watch the video on your smartphone's screen. Optional video lengths are selectable from 5 sec to 60 sec. The camera transmits max 20sec video (WVGA) and the excess is stored on the SD memory card.

The Uovision UM785-3G + Cloud camera is the only camera on the market that is equipped with a special shutter speed control function. If necessary, the shutter speed can be changed from the normal setting to fast, depending on what it describes. This function is especially good when the camera is used for surveillance tasks, enabling sharp and clear images quickly. Get the most out of HD!

The custom setting allows you to fine-tune your own settings where you can choose the resolution for the images: 20MP, 16MP, 12MP, 10MP, 8.0MP, 3.0MP and flash output; High / Low as well as image pulse rate; 1 - 10 pictures.

The camera's own LCD screen helps when the camera is aimed at terrain. You can see the intended shooting area directly on the camera's own LCD screen before activating the camera. You know for sure in advance what area the camera was left to capture and you don’t have to take time-consuming test shots by walking in front of the camera and waiting for the images to arrive on your mobile phone.

The sharp 2.4 "color screen allows you to use a larger font in the menu menu. The camera's menu uses a larger font than usual, making it easier to read and change the camera's various menu settings, even for the most visually impaired. Clear text font is great videos can be viewed on site from the camera's built-in 2.4 "screen. The programming of the device functions is easily done on site from the same 2.4 "color screen.

Images and videos stored on the Uovision UM785-3G + Cloud are saved on the SD memory card. The device supports standard 2GB to 32GB SD memory cards. The camera supports overwriting, so the camera writes new recordings over the old ones from the oldest end in case the SD memory card is accidentally filled. If necessary, the overwrite can also be switched off.

To send images, the camera must have an Internet connection that supports a 3G connection (at least 21MB / sec). With a subscription with a fixed-price online package, the camera can send material indefinitely for a fixed monthly fee. Incoming photos or videos go to the LinckEazi cloud service. Uovision UM785-3G + Cloud sends images and videos SSL-protected, for example, via the Internet subscriptions of the following operators without a separate additional service: Telia, Elisa, Saunalahti, Saunalahti Pre-Paid, DNA and DNA Pre-Paid.

The Uovision UM785-3G + Cloud camera is equipped with versatile remote control features. The LinckEazi cloud service allows you to change settings remotely on your mobile phone using the Web Portal software APPs or on your computer from the LinckEazi cloud service. Remote control commands made remotely via the cloud service are free of charge.

The most common remote commands are, for example, picture or video request, PIR motion sensor delay adjustment, shooting mode change (still picture vs video). The camera can be programmed With the help of the work schedule, it can be programmed to take pictures only at a certain time on a certain day of the week or even completely deactivated or activated when you are at the cottage, for example. All remote commands of the camera can be sent using the LinckEazi cloud service and via a mobile phone using the Web Portal application, free of charge!

The Uovision UM785-3G + Cloud camera has a 45 LED powerful infrared flash that is completely invisible to the human eye. A completely invisible flash is an absolute prerequisite if the transmitting Uovision UM785 camera is also used for surveillance tasks in various locations.

The infrared flash automatically turns on at dusk, allowing the trail camera to capture black-and-white night photos or videos of the subject. The twilight sensor automatically turns off the flash during the day, when it normally captures subjects as color images or videos. The flash output can be adjusted from time to time; High / Low power. Lower power is necessary if the camera is shooting in small interiors, for example, and you want to avoid reflections from a white wall. Flash range up to approx. 18m.

The Uovision UM785-3G + Cloud camera has a weekly tool that allows the camera to be scheduled in advance to shoot on a specific schedule each day of the week. The camera can be programmed for 4 different weeks with different hours of active weekly work schedule program, in which case the camera is active several times at different times of the day, if necessary. This function is good if you want the camera to be active only at night or to close during business hours.

3min - 24h TIME INTERVAL (Time Lapse)
The Uovision UM785-3G + Cloud camera can be pre-timed to take pictures at regular intervals as a so-called equal time shooting (TimeLapse). Time Lapse allows the camera to preset to take a picture of an area without motion detection by the PIR motion sensor. Equal time shooting can be set between 3min - 55min or 1h - 24h every hour.

This function is good if you want to get an image from the trap automatically once a day, for example, or if the camera is a cottage guard, it can be remotely “turned off” and “turned on” with this function when you are there. During time-lapse shooting, the PIR motion sensor can optionally also be turned on, in which case it triggers shooting if a subject enters the area. An image taken with interval shooting is identified by an image that is stamped (T-L).

At the bottom of each image, useful timestamp information is stored that shows, for example, time, date, temperature, battery charge status, or the motion sensor entry that triggered the recording. You can conveniently monitor the battery charge status of incoming images without a separate query.

The reaction time of the PIR motion sensor of the Uovision UM785-3G + Cloud camera to a thermally moving object is only 0.6sec. With a fast response time, the camera also captures faster-moving subjects with greater sensitivity. The PIR motion sensor covers a 105 ° surveillance area and the range of the motion sensor perpendicular to the camera is about 16 meters. The sensitivity of the motion sensor can be adjusted in the following levels: High, Automatic and Low.

The Uovision UM785-3G + Cloud camera is also equipped with network positioning. Network positioning works with the prevailing operator's density positioning allowing the camera to locate the LincEazi cloud service on a map when asked for location. The denser the operator's regional network, the more accurate the network positioning.

The Uovision UM785-3G + Cloud camera's own internal battery compartment contains 12 AA alkaline batteries at a time. The camera also supports 6V external power sources such as a battery or AC adapter. If you use an external battery cable or power supply, the front cover of the Uovision camera will open without first having to disconnect the cable to the camera separately! From the images sent by the camera, you can also quickly see the battery charge status without any request. This feature allows you to easily keep track of when it's time to go to the camera to replace the batteries.

The Uovision UM785-3G + Cloud has versatile mounting options. The included wood fastening strap makes it easy to fasten around the wood frame. Below and behind the camera, there are mounting threads for a possible wall mount. The mounting thread allows for more versatile positioning and tilting of the camera. The camera lock has a separate locking port on the slide latch and an 8mm Ø groove on the back of the camera.

The convenient weather protection developed by Uovision provides protection against rain and snow. The sturdy plastic weather protection, specially designed for Finnish weather conditions, protects your camera from all wood and sky dripping. All Uovision trail cameras have four-digit password protection in case the camera falls into the wrong hands. User manual in Finnish included. Warranty for manufacturing and material defects 12 months (1 year). Product CE, FCC and RoHS approved.
  • Easy-to-use, remote control and broadcast 3G trail camera that supports the free LinckEazi cloud service
  • SSL secured connection for sending original images and videos to the LinckEazi cloud service
  • SSL secured 5sec - 10sec Full HD and HD video transmission and 20sec WVGA video transmission to the cloud service
  • Easy to set up and ship
  • 20MP sharp digital high resolution description
  • Optional image resolutions: 20MP, 16MP, 12MP, 10MP, 8MP, 3MP
  • Saves daytime photos and videos in high definition color
  • Shooting modes: Still image, Video
  • Diagonal angle of view: 52 degrees
  • Optional video resolutions: 1080P Full HD, 720P HD, WVGA
  • Video lengths: 5sec - 60sec
  • Continuous shooting: 1 - 10 images
  • Versatile remote control commands with the free LinckEazi cloud service
  • Free remote control commands to change settings using Web Portal APPs from a mobile phone
  • External 21cm antenna for high speed 3G connection
  • Automatically sends with online packages of different operators: Telia, Elisa, Saunalahti, DNA, + PrePaidit
  • Quick to set up
  • Network positioning location information, accuracy depends on the density of the operator masts
  • Infrared flash is completely invisible to the human eye (940nm wavelength)
  • Flash with the latest High Power LED technology with 42 power LEDs
  • Adjustable flash output: 50% (low) or 100% (high)
  • Infrared flash range up to approx. 18m
  • Night photos and videos with infrared flash in black and white
  • 2.4 "color preview screen (image viewing & camera programming)
  • Large easy-to-read text font
  • Weatherproof construction, IP54 rating (no immersion in liquid)
  • Camo outer shell coloring (pictured)
  • PIR wide angle motion detector: coverage area 105 °
  • PIR motion detector response time: 0.6 seconds
  • PIR wide angle motion sensor load capacity: 16m
  • Adjustable PIR motion sensor sensitivity: low, automatic, high
  • PIR sleep delay setting: 0sec - 60min
  • Programmable 7-day weekly scheduling tool for 4 different weeks (schedule description in active hours)
  • Time Lapse “Equal time” time lapse function 3min - 24h
  • Shooting time stamp: day, time, temperature, battery charge
  • Operating temperature: -30 ° C…. + 60 ° C
  • Operating humidity: 5%…. 90%
  • SD memory card support: 1 - 32GB (not included)
  • Batteries: 12pcs AA alkaline batteries (not included)
  • Outputs: USB, 6V DC, SD memory card slot, SIM card slot
  • Included: fastening belt, instruction manual
  • Windows (98, 2000, XP, Vista, Win7, Win8, Win10) compatible
  • Compact size: 140 x 87 x 55mm
  • Light: 495gr. (without batteries)
  • Location of the tripod mounting screw on the bottom and back of the camera
  • Password protection
  • Lockable: Lock mounting rings on the shell

A comprehensive range of necessary accessories is available separately for the camera:
  • 8GB to 32GB SD memory cards
  • “Area camera surveillance” stickers
  • Weather protection plastic
  • Wall bracket
  • Metal camera cover
  • Trail camera lock
  • Power cord for external power supply
  • Uovision 6V batteries (7.5Ah and 12Ah)
  • Uovision 6V battery charger
  • Mains power supply 220V (indoor use)


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