Soy Vay

Soy Vay found its start in humble beginnings back in 1980, at a potluck party in Humboldt County, California. On that fateful day, two friends, a Jewish boy and Chinese girl, came together over their love of food, Asian flavors, and secret family recipes with the idea to bottle the best tasting sauces possible, using only the finest ingredients around. No preservatives. No additives. No way. Inspired by the classic sauces and marinades of China and Japan, with a deliciously kosher twist, Soy Vay was officially founded in 1982 and became an instant success at county fairs, farmers markets, and local stores across Northern California with their original flavor, Hoisin Garlic, and the still best-selling Veri Veri Teriyaki. Flash forward some thirty years or so and Soy Vay is still bringing the flavor in a big, big way. With a full lineup of sauces, we’ve got a taste to match every kind of eater and any kind of ingredient. And while we may not be doing our bottling from a kitchen anymore (thanks, Mom!), the one thing that hasn’t changed is our love of quality ingredients, our passion for food, and knowing that no matter which flavor you choose, we can always guarantee that this stuff is GOOD!

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