Savotta Jaakari products

In accordance with Savotta's new guidelines, all the names of the Jaakari, Jaeger, Jääkäri backpacks and rucksacks have been changed today 6.3.2018 to match the size of the backpack and to make things more simple and straightforward.

Aiming to clarify the Jaeger/Jaakari -products and to make them more easy to differentiate between different sized products. The new names for the Mini Jaakari, the Jaakari Backpack, the Rajajaakari and the Jaakari Rucksack are:

Jaakari S (former Mini Jaeger)
Jaakari M (former Jager Backpack)
Jaakari L (former Rajajaakari)
Jaakari XL (Former Jager Rucksack)

The products below are the ones we carry at the moment in our inventory. Other high quality Savotta products can be found on this link:

The new Savotta Jaeger / Jaakari -products below: