Nordisk tents

More than 100 years old Danish company Nordisk has been producing tents and accessories for both extreme and leisure use. The products speak for themselves.

When you buy a Nordisk tent what you'll get is s a very high quality Scandinavian design and modern materials at its best. The tent construction are simple, functional and do not save on materials. Nordisk cherishes that their material choices for all tents and other major equipment are best you can get at this given time. The Nordisk tent is a great shelter solution for avid backpacker and for weekend warriors as well. The selection carries one of the lightest tents the world has seen. Or what do you think about 2 person tunnel tent with double wall construction which weighs 500g, can fit into your cargo pocket and is simple to erect? This particular model is Lofoten 2P ULW (ultra light weight). Strong recommendation for the Lofoten model, if you are looking for the lightest possible tent with the smallest pack size this world has seen!

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