Havalon Knives

While officially launched in 2005, Havalon Knives has a history that runs longer and deeper.

Since the 1980s, taxidermists had been buying surgical blades from Havel's Inc., Havalon's parent company. The taxidermists liked Havel's products for skinning and caping because the blade edges lasted longer than other surgical blades. The company also noted that the taxidermists liked Havel's post mortem style blades because they were stronger and didn't break as easily as regular surgical blades.

"'Why doesn't somebody make a scalpel that folds into itself and locks like a pocket knife? Hey, why don't we make this pocket scalpel?'" And thus, Havel’s pocket scalpels were born.

Never Lose Your Edge! Here comes the Piranta and Baracuta knives with the quick-change "crazy-sharp" blades, the sharpest knives for hunting, field dressing, skinning and filleting. Hunters, trappers, professional guides and wildlife officers rave about Havalon's lightweight field dressing and skinning knives with the easy to exchange a blade surgically-sharp blades - blades that taxidermists have been buying from Havels for over 25 years.

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